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FooPets Desktop will allow you to take care of your virtual pets
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FooMojo, Inc.

FooPets Desktop is a program that will allow you to take care of your virtual pets. is a site where you can adopt virtual pets. These are cats or dogs that live only on your computer. You can feed, water, hug or play with them. It is just like the Tamagotchi of the Internet era.

By entering FooPets, you will be able to adopt a pet, name it and interact with it. This program will allow you to interact with your favorite pet without the need to enter the website. Your pet will run all over the screen (overlapping any open application), occasionally meowing or barking to call your attention.

The program itself is free. Adopting a pet is not. You must buy a ClubFoo Membership Package to be able to interact with your pet through the program. So, if you want to get constantly annoyed by your own virtual mascot, you must pay between $4.99 for a month membership, to $39.99 for a year membership. You will not have to clean up your pet´s mess, that is true...

FooPets Desktop works under the Adobe Air Platform. If you don´t have it on your machine, the program will ask you to install it.

Daniel Ángel Romero
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